José Ángel Bichir attacks Belinda again;  she reveals that she is manipulated by her mother-El Diario NY

José Ángel Bichir attacks Belinda again; she reveals that she is manipulated by her mother-El Diario NY

After criticizing the new theme of Belindacalled “Cactus”, José Ángel Bichir has once again attacked the singer with a new revelation: the alleged control that her former mother-in-law has over the actress.

During his time on the red carpet at the premiere of the film “Wedding Night”, the nephew of the Oscar nominee, Demian Bichirwas questioned about his recent statements about Belinda where he indicated that he had been a partner of the “Boba Niña Nice” performer a few years ago.

However, despite the Spanish-born woman’s denial about her romance with Bichirhe revealed that the singer had made him sign a confidentiality contract so that their relationship would not be made public.

José Ángel Bichir posing on a red carpet.
José Ángel Bichir revealed a year ago that he had a relationship with Belinda.
Credit: Mezcalo

On this occasion, Jose Angel He did not hesitate to once again reveal part of the “romance” he experienced with the artist by revealing that Belinda She is manipulated by her mother.

What else did José Ángel Bichir say about Belinda?

In the same talk with various Mexican media, Bichir He pointed out, between words, that Belinda’s mother exercises control over the artist. However, despite “feeling” like a kind of attack, the actor wished the singer that she could “become independent” from her mother.

There is a management there, and unfortunately I will tell you something else and it is something that makes me very sad, I hope that one day it will be solved and that she will one day find her real independence.”

José Ángel Bichir


It is worth mentioning that years ago, when the Mexican was still in a relationship with Christian Nodalthe interpreter of “Pólvora de Ayer” had revealed that Belinda was being “manipulated” by her mother.

Belinda posing on a red carpet.

During the same interview, Bichir He did not hesitate to mention that he has no intention of “hanging” on the fame of Belinda with his recent statements. He even took advantage of the moment to send advice to her alleged ex-partner.

Stop thinking about what others are going to think of me, live your life, be happy, your life is very short, I wish it for you.”

José Ángel Bichir

Belinda posing.
Belinda released her song “Cactus” last January.
Credit: Official Account of X de Belinda | Courtesy

What about Belinda?

Prior to the statements of José Ángel Bichir, Belinda She has been involved in a variety of unknowns about her state of health. And after sharing a variety of publications where she was seen working with artists like Natanael Canothe composer Tito Double P as well as with the band Registered Trademarkthe artist unexpectedly canceled her presentation at the Bésame Mucho Festival last weekend in Texas city due to health issues.

However, it is worth noting that one day before the cancellation of her presentation in the United States, the singer was captured inaugurating a mural in her honor in Mexico City.

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