Francisca shares the first photos of Franco, her second child with Francesco Zampogna – El Diario NY

Francisca shares the first photos of Franco, her second child with Francesco Zampogna – El Diario NY

Francisca 7

Franciscatelevision presenter, uploaded to her Instagram account on March 15 the first images of Franco, the second child she had with the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna.

Through her Instagram account, the host of ‘Despierta América’ uploaded these images in which it was noted how much she is enjoying being a mother for the second time, after the experience she has had with her first-born Gennaro.

In the publication, the famous woman said: “Franco, you fill our hearts with happiness. We love you, son. God bless you.”

The followers of the winner of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ in 2015 were moved by the publication and that is why they left thousands of messages in which they did not hesitate to congratulate her on the arrival of her baby.

“He looks a lot like his older brother,” “You have the doll factory”, “It’s perfect, Francisca, congratulations”, “What a beautiful baby, a beautiful family”, some said.

Other comments that were read were: “Your family is beautiful, may the Lord bless you,” “OMG, Fran, your two princes are beautiful, may God bless you always,” “Wow, I am dying of love with you, you have some princes.” beautiful, God bless your beautiful family and continue to be so united and full of love, with the favor of God.”

Francisca’s maternal role

The Dominican-American, in addition to having a successful career on television, has dedicated herself to creating a warm home for her family.

However, in this process, she has discovered that she is happy to be a mother of boys. “She truly experiences what true and unconditional love is. Gennaro takes care of me, he is jealous of me, he loves me. “I would like to give the gift of a girl to Francesco, but if he gets the third, a boy, well… he has to figure it out, he has to figure it out with his soccer team,” he commented in an interview with Hola magazine. !

But also, as is normal, she feels some fears: “And if you ask me what my biggest fear is with my children, my biggest fear is that my children will grow up disconnected from me. That is what I fear the most, because I know children who are disconnected from their parents who do not have any type of communication and perhaps that is not even that father’s fault, he could have given him what he could have given him at that moment, because well, sometimes one acts Depending on the circumstances, with what comes your way in life.”

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