How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going, today, March 15 – El Diario NY

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going, today, March 15 – El Diario NY

This week’s nominees The House of the Famous 4 are: Guty Carrera, Alana Lliteras, Alfredo Adame, Cristina Porta, La Bronca and Rodrigo Romeh. The leader of the week is Aleska Génesis who today competed for salvation with La Divaza.

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going, today, March 14

Now, this nomination has been perfect for the plans of the fourth earth, because even if they had lost the possibility of saving Romeh, an inhabitant of the fourth water and/or fire would always emerge. Now, the move according to Lupillo, Clovis and Rodrigo Romeh is that Guty Carrera or Alana Lliteras can leave the house. The elimination of any of them is essential to be able to give a “de grace” to what remains of the “fuagua” alliance.

At the moment we can say that if the land plans are maintained and La Divaza maintains the plan, Romeh will be saved because he is in first place in the vote. The least voted are: La Bronca, Alfredo Adame, Guty Carrera and Alana Lliteras. The sample of this vote had 45 thousand participants.

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The strategy in principle is good

That is to say, it is a good idea that no one saves Romeh, because Rodrigo will be saved by the public, since the ground fans do not have to divide their votes. So the game is to save La Bronca. She is the least voted so far by the public and if La Divaza, who managed to steal the salvation, decides to go for what her fourth wants then yes, Tierra would have made a new great move by not saving one of her own .

Romeh would return to the house by public vote, like Alfredo Adame, who will probably increase his votes in favor on Monday. Then Alana, Cristina and Guty Carrera would remain in the SUM. The Spanish could get votes in favor from the ground public, and this would leave the “non-boyfriends” exposed to elimination.

La Bronca will be in trouble

Guty and Alana could stay last in the SUM waiting for Nacho Lozano to announce the final result, and whoever leaves will literally affect the fourth water and will also make La Bronca’s stay in the reality show much more uncomfortable and complicated, because if Tierra saves her, “fuagua” could believe that this is the official confirmation that she is indeed the infiltrator.

Now, this thing about the announcer being the infiltrator in “fuagua” is completely false. It is a hypothesis that arose during the last nomination, since she did not follow the instructions of the game and nominated at will and not as she dictated her room.

This saved her from being nominated by sanction, something that did happen to the rest of the inhabitants and for this reason we had a “full house” in the elimination room, receiving 11 nominated inhabitants. This was the week in which Robbie Mora became the seventh eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 4.

Serrath enters The House of the Famous 4

Be careful, Serrath’s entry into the house could ensure the stay of Guty Carrera or the prompt elimination of the Ecuadorian. The content creator has arrived with every intention of winning the reality show and affirms that if for this she must sleep with the enemy, she will do so without regrets.

At the moment her intention is to unmask Carrera, who she claims asked her to wait for her outside the house, but apparently this message was not only given to her. According to her, Guty left more than one candle burning outside of this reality show and she was not born to be anyone’s “other”, which is why she stopped supporting him so quickly, after he had only been in the game for two weeks.

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