Singer with cancer creates song so that royalties help her son when she dies

Singer with cancer creates song so that royalties help her son when she dies

Cat Janice is an American singer who went viral on social networks because of her terminal cancer and the way in which he seeks to care for his 7-year-old son, even if the moment of his death comes.

The artist uploaded a video on her social networks where she explained her delicate health situation, which was aggravated by the return of her cancer, so she asked her followers to play her most recent song. Dance You Outta My Head.

“My last joy would be if you saved my song Dance You Outla My Head and played it, because all the profits go directly to my 7-year-old son that I am leaving behind,” said the American singer.

The success of the song was such that Billboard recently considered it Cat Janice within the Top 40 Hot Dance/Electronic artists and hundreds of people have used her on social networks with the aim of monetizing her.

Likewise, social network users have chosen to interact with their videos so that Dance You Outla My Head Reach more people so you can raise more funds for your child.

@cat.janice Thank you for loving me. Im praying a miracle makes me through this but I think im being called Home. My last joy would be if you pre saved my song “Dance You Outta My Head” in my bio and streamed it because all proceeds go straight to my 7 year old boy im leaving behind. Please please share this, I need to leave this with him. If there is anything you need to know, is that the only opinion of yourself is your opinion. Love yourself and be gentle with others. I hope to make it through this but if not, to all a good night. #cancer #songwriter ♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

“Honestly, I’m blown away by everyone’s love and how they supported me and shared this story,” Cat said in an interview with Today magazine last January.

It was in 2021 that Cat Janice realized she had a lump on her neckbut having suffered from Covid-19, he did not take it into account until 2022, when he realized that the protuberance was still there.

Finally, Janice was diagnosed with sarcomaa type of cancer that begins in the bones or soft tissues of the body, according to the United States National Cancer Institute.

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“Thank you for loving me. I’m praying for a miracle to help me get through this,” was the last thing he said. Cat Janice in a video published on their social networks, in which the song he wrote so that his son Loren could receive royalties.

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