Gerard Piqué accidentally appears naked and the video is all the rage on social networks

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Football player Gerard Piqué It has become a trend in social networks on account of a complete and involuntary nude, whose images are already spreading like wildfire on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Of course, Internet users are using all their ingenuity when commenting on the snapshots with humor and, it must be said, with a point of admiration for the physical attractiveness that the footballer exudes.

Your partner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been responsible for an accidental ‘leak’ that has revolutionized both Piqué fans and those of the beautiful game in general. The FC Barcelona striker did not hesitate to upload a short video to his Instagram stories portraying the also Barcelona fans memphis depay and Daniel Alves wearing some striking outfits in the Camp Nou locker room, once they had showered after the end of their last league match against Osasuna.

What Aubameyang did not expect, and certainly those who watched the few seconds of recording for the first time, is that Piqué was going to steal all the prominence, unintentionally and without even being aware of it, with a very brief appearance in the background. The sentimental partner of the singer Shakira, with whom he has two children, was thus exposed as God brought him into the world and showing off his worked muscles before a millionaire audience.

The author of the video has already deleted it from his networks, but the screenshots of the Catalan defender do not stop playing at full speed. Piqué has preferred not to comment, for the time being, on this matter, but the aforementioned Daniel Alves He wanted to downplay what happened with a message on Twitter. “No drama, my people, who has never seen a navel?” The Brazilian has joked about the stir caused.

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