Get to know the place where Bárbara Bermudo and her family stayed during their vacation – El Diario NY

Get to know the place where Bárbara Bermudo and her family stayed during their vacation – El Diario NY

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The Puerto Rican journalist Barbara Bermudo spent a few days of rest in the Dominican Republic. She and her children traveled to La Romana, specifically to Casa de Campo, and stayed in a luxurious villa.

Part of Bermudo’s trip to the Dominican Republic was reviewed by the presenter herself through her social networks.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, he said: “The girls went on vacation and we took a little getaway as a family.”

For his accommodation, Bermudo relied on JAE | LUXURY HOMES, an agency specialized in the real estate market.

Bermudo enjoyed a one story house Distributed in several bedrooms, bathrooms, hallway, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.

In addition, guests of the place can enjoy very pleasant and private outdoor spaces such as green areas, terrace, swimming pool, spa area, dining room and more.

Mario Andrés Moreno, Bermudo’s partner and also a journalist, was clearly also included in this vacation getaway. He even offered his wife many services during the days they would spend in Casa de Campo.

In the previous video, Bermudo takes a tour of the home. The first thing he showed was the spacious closed-style kitchen, which has a large central island and is equipped with high-end appliances.

Then move on to the big main room with vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beamsall painted white. This space is very well lit thanks to the large windows.

From the dining room you have direct access to the backyard of the house, thanks to its sliding glass doors.

The house’s pool also served as a place for Bermudo to have a photo shoot in a complete blue swimsuit.

It must be remembered that Casa de Campo is an exclusive resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic, which is usually visited on several occasions by celebrities. Many of them even own villas there, an example is Marc Anthony.

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