This is the reason why it is PROHIBITED for you to attend the American VISA appointment with your cell phone.

This is the reason why it is PROHIBITED for you to attend the American VISA appointment with your cell phone.

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The decisive step to obtain the coveted American visa is undoubtedly the interview with the immigration officer, this moment in the procedure to obtain this accreditation is crucial to know if the visa will be approved or not, however, just as some documents are required and some requirements are met to obtain the visayou must also comply with some measures established by the immigration authorities to be able to carry out the interview.

These measures are due to the fact that the immigration authorities of USA seek at all times to preserve the security and confidentiality of the formalitieseven upon your arrival on the day of the appointment For a consular interview you must go through a review process at the entrance of the place that is part of a protocol that all applicants go through to process the different types of visas that exist.

To attend the appointment consular office, the authorities emphasize the prohibition of some items that cannot accompany you during the interview with the consular officer, for example, any type of electronic device including cell phones. This measure, although it may be exaggerated, has been imposed with the purpose of preserving order and security of both the administrative staff and the people who visit the consulate to carry out some work. Procedure.

Why can’t I bring my cell phone during the consular interview?

It is not just about the cell phone, the applicants cannot use any electronic device during the completion of the exams. formalities At the consular office, as already mentioned, at the entrance to the building the security personnel will carry out a routine check, in which the applicant will be asked to remove any electronic device such as cell phone, tablet, computer, camera, video equipment or other electronic devices.

In addition to electronic objects, there are other types of devices such as sharp objects, liquids, weapons or knives that are clearly prohibited. If your case is particular and you require the use of a medical device, you must declare it at the time of the routine check-up. There are some exceptions that may be accepted for entry in small amounts, for example; makeup, baby food, milk and diapers.

You should also avoid showing up with a watch, belt, keys and solid medications. Baby care devices such as strollers and baby carriers are allowed as long as they can pass through the x-ray portal. If you have any doubts about which other devices are better not to use when it is your appointment consular interview you can request information directly at the embassy where you will carry out your Procedure.

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