Gonzalo Pineda takes the criticism and attacks against Jimmy Lozano in the Mexican National Team as something personal – La Opinion

Gonzalo Pineda takes the criticism and attacks against Jimmy Lozano in the Mexican National Team as something personal – La Opinion

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Because they both shared a dressing room.

Because you know that Jaime Lozano has the personality, ability and resources to overcome one and a thousand obstacles.

Your friend and colleague Gonzalo Pineda, Atlanta United strategist of Major League Soccer (MLS) is more convinced than ever that the current coach of the Mexican national team will be able to overcome the tests that the future holds in the short and long term, such as the 2024 Copa América in the American Union. and the next 2026 World Cup that will be held in a tripartite manner by Mexico, the United States and Canada.

This was made evident in the exclusive interview with The opinion, where in a quick drawing of the panorama that the coach of the Mexican squad has in front of him, he reiterated that due to ability, desire and personality, Lozano will not stop imposing his philosophy on the national team, but above all he assured that the attacks and criticisms against his friend he takes them as something personal, as if they were saying them to him.

“Because apart from my colleague, he is my friend, my mentor and that is why he took the criticism against Jaime Lozano as something personal,” said the former World Cup player in Germany 2006.

Unfair or fair for them to say that Jaime Lozano is risking his place in the Copa América?

I don’t know if it’s fair or unfair, but it is what it is. It is the medium that exists today in Mexico, and the only thing I could think of or recommend to Jimmy is not to listen to anything or anyone. He just has to listen more to the people he has next to him, to the people he trusts, the people who he believes can give him correct instructions and help him improve.

You have to follow your process and work. I hope that the managers continue to trust him, that the players continue to trust him, and that he does not lose his confidence in himself, he is a great coach, young and obviously what we young people lack is that experience, but he has it They have to acquire like any other area in life, especially when they know that what one lacks as a young person is experience.

What would you recommend in these critical moments?

May he have that calm in these moments where there is a lot of criticism, there are many voices, there are many interests around him and the people who are in charge of the national team. Have that calmness, that pause to be able to see things with perspective and in a calm way be able to do your work and continue progressing.

In this sense, Gonzalo made evident in the talk, the blind faith he has in the ability of his friend and colleague: “I have great confidence in Jimmy as a person, as a coach, as a friend. He is a great guy, very hardworking, he gives me great pleasure when people like that do well and the only thing I hope is that Jimmy does very well.”

Gonzalo Pineda also recounted the greatest dangers and challenges that Jaime Lozano faces. as coach of the Mexican National Team: “We have to see how he deals with internal problems, but in Mexico we want everything immediate, we want Jimmy in six months, eight months that he has been in office to have a command of the strategy, to have a command, a knowledge of the entire team, of the players, that we form a group, that we are winners, that the team plays with intensity.”

He also highlighted that: “We want everything quickly and what I’m going for is the short classicism that exists in Mexican soccer, from the media, the fans, in general from the medium as such. They demand that everything be fast and successful, because if not, they see everything wrong and then it has to be discarded, there is no such analysis, they prefer to bring in someone else who is theoretically better.”

The Atlanta United coach also highlighted that: “Many times in the processes, defeats are important, The failures themselves are important, because then you can see which players are ready to face the challenges that arise, the tournaments themselves how they are planned.”

But he also said that: “The main problem is that they want him to win the Gold Cup, the Copa América, to beat the United States, for Jimmy to do everything well, because we believe that we are too good and it is not understood that the processes have high and you go down.”

Finally, he acknowledged that the criticism and insinuations about a possible dismissal if he does not win the Copa América take him personally, “He is apart from my colleague, he is my friend, he is one of my best friends in my time as a footballer. Besides, he is a mentor, an exceptional guy as a person and simply when I hear certain comments, it makes me sad. First, because he is my friend, I feel that this is like something personal, as if it were me that they are saying it to me, and another, because once again, the reflection of the short classicism that we have in Mexico, where we want everything quickly, well and pretty. We want successes, successes, wholesale successes at the moment and since he took the reins of the Mexican National Team.”

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