Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, gunsmith from “Rust”, shows no regrets after the death of Halyna Hutchis – El Diario NY

Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, gunsmith from “Rust”, shows no regrets after the death of Halyna Hutchis – El Diario NY

After Hannah Gutierrez-Reedgunsmith from the film “Rust”, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins Last March, new information revealed that Gutierrez-Reed He seems to show no regret for what happened.

According to the authorities in charge of the case, and thanks to the call record of the accused with her family and legal team, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed He would have called the jurors “idiots” in addition to pointing out that everything was a mere accident.

“Hannah says people get into accidents and die, it’s an unfortunate part of life, but that doesn’t mean she should be in jail.”

Case managers
Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed posing.
Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed’s family launched a campaign to fund the former gunsmith’s appeal.
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Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed confesses that she likes prison

In the same call log, the former gunsmith also blamed the doctor on the film’s set, as well as the paramedics who treated Hutchins after she was shot, supposedly accidentally, by the American actor Alec Baldwin.

In addition to all of the above, the audios revealed that Gutierrez-Reed He feels good about being in prison, to the point of mentioning that, on some days, “he really likes it there.”

Alec Baldwin attending an event.

Despite all of the above, the American’s team seeks to have her sentenced to probation with the help of various letters in which her remorse is mentioned. Gutierrez-Reed prior to his prosecution.

After the revelation of the sentence of the former gunsmith of “rust”, his lead attorney, Jason Bowles, revealed that an appeal will be sought. After this announcement, the same family of the accused launched a campaign to obtain donations to carry out the appeal process.

Through the GoFundMe platform, they are seeking to raise the amount of $100,000, which would be used to overturn the sentence.

About Alec Baldwinthe main suspect in the incident, and who will go to trial next July for the charge of involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors in charge of the case revealed days ago that the actor’s uncontrolled behavior would have compromised security on the set.

According to the documents presented, the American had harassed the gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as well as the rest of the team to work faster: “Additionally, Mr. Baldwin frequently yelled and cursed at both himself and the team ‘for no particular reason.’”

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