Héctor Sandarti sent a message after learning that he will lead ‘The House of Famous 3’

Héctor Sandarti sent a message after learning that he will lead ‘The House of Famous 3’

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Telemundo announced a few days ago that ‘The House of Famous’ will have a third season and, in addition, they took advantage of informing that they have a release date and, it is that it is Tuesday, January 17. However, so far the names of the contestants who will attend this time are unknown.

In addition, the television plant gave other news related to the presenters, because they will be the same as in the third season, this is how they confirmed that Jimena Gállego and Héctor Sandarti will continue to lead.

Thank you @telemundo for continuing to trust me to be at the forefronttogether with my dear Jimena, of this great project. We are ready and we are going for more!!!”, was the message that accompanied the post that he shared on the social network.

In turn, the comments did not wait in the aforementioned publication, because several Internet users spoke out about the message sent by the Guatemalan. In addition, many took the opportunity to take a moment and tell him that he is a person with quite a “simplicity”.

The users of the aforementioned platform expressed that They would not like to see another participant like Daniella Navarro waswho was linked to at least three of the other classmates who also shared with her on the same site.

“Congratulations”, “Maybe Héctor will see you, I’m going to walk around… hahahahahaha”, “I see you from Uruguay Sandarti! the best conductor of this format!!! Genius”, “Congratulations cuñis”, “There is no one confirmed”, “Congratulations Héctor Sandarti, you deserve it, you are a great driver, a hug”, “I hope this new house has less aggressive peoplethat there is no one like Daniela”, “How happy, thank you Sandarti for your simplicity and charisma, long live Guatemala”, “I hope they do not allow vulgar, litigious people like Daniela”, “Congratulations”, “When does it start?”, “I am very happy, countryman ”, were some of the comments that were recorded in the post.

Jimena Gállego will continue in the third season

Through the camera’s social network, the Mexican shared how excited she is to continue being part of the next season of ‘LCDLF’.

The drama, the romance, the intensity… The real-life soap opera returns on Tuesday, January 17, 2023! Already more than ready for this season! Tell me in the comments who has been your favorite celebrity, who do you want to see in January?” she wrote.

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