Henry Martín clarifies his complaint to Brian Rodríguez in the defeat of América: “The team is fine” – La Opinion

Henry Martín clarifies his complaint to Brian Rodríguez in the defeat of América: “The team is fine” – La Opinion

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América lost 2-1 against Pumas and ended with the expulsion of Brian Rodríguez in the final minutes. Henry Martín grabbed him and exchanged several words with Rodríguez, but he assures that everything is fine.

“It was the heat of the game. We were looking for a tie, they sent him off and it didn’t happen. Maybe it wasn’t the time to say it, to grab it like that, but it was what came to me at that moment,” Martín commented after the defeat.

The América forward explained that he spoke with Rodríguez after the game and everything is calm.

“I already spoke with him, everything is calm. She didn’t happen anymore, she stayed there. Don’t speculate on things that aren’t true, the team is fine. I felt there with the responsibility to say things, but it was not the time and that’s it,” Martín concluded about Rodríguez’s expulsion.

Brian Rodríguez apologizes after being sent off against Pumas

Brian Rodríguez acknowledged his mistake and apologized to the América fans after the expulsion.

“I stop by here with a calmer head to tell you that I recognize my mistake and I am very sad about the expulsion and the result. Just as we fall in football and in life, we also get up. I don’t know any other way but hard work! “See you on Tuesday all together!” wrote the América attacker.

Brian Rodríguez had come on as a substitute in the second half to seek equality, but he was sent off after kicking César Huerta.

Rodríguez will not be available for the last game of the regular phase, which will be against Puebla in Liga MX. The Eagles attacker will be able to be there for the first leg of the Concacaf Champions Cup semifinals against Pachuca.

América will play for the leadership of the Liga MX heading into the last day, as they fight with Toluca after failing to secure this date against the Pumas.

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