How can I APPEAL the US decision if they deny me the Green Card or permanent residence?

How can I APPEAL the US decision if they deny me the Green Card or permanent residence?

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Have a Green Card or credit card permanent residence in USA It means peace of mind for those foreign citizens who have decided to settle in the country. This accreditation can be requested as long as the applicant meets a series of requirements requested by the United States immigration authorities. One of the primary requirements to obtain it is to have entered the country legally.

Another requirement that is necessary to carry out the Procedure is to have been living in USA. There are several ways to carry out the process, for example, by marrying a person who has permanent residence status or who has US citizenship, your spouse will be granted a Green Card temporary that will allow you to live and work in the country for a period of 2 years.

Another way to process this document is through employment. If the employer decides that he needs the professional work of a specific worker, he can apply to the immigration authorities so that the worker can remain permanently in the country. This document is very precious because the holder can also benefit his family to travel to the country and above all because it opens the possibility of later carrying out the Procedure of citizenship.

What can I do if my Green Card process is denied?

The first thing that the applicant must take into account Green Card is that the immigration authorities can make the determination to deny the Procedurethrough a letter of reasons, will let the interested party know the reasons why their application has been denied, although the authorities of the Citizenship and Immigration Office are clear that the ruling is unappealable, the applicant can file a motion to reopen your case so that the appropriate authorities can review it again.

In order to submit this request, it is necessary for the interested party to explain the reasons why they consider that their case should be reviewed and attach evidence that seems pertinent. They must also state whether they consider that the law or policies were misapplied in their case. when considering your application or that in your opinion the decision was incorrect given the nature of your Procedure.

To submit the review request, it is necessary for the applicant to receive advice, although the process can be submitted directly. If necessary, the applicant can resort to the Recognition and Accreditation Program of the Department of Justice of USA where you will find a list of organizations that will be willing to provide you with help and advice to carry out this Procedure correctly.

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