William Levy spoke and accepts that he made mistakes and says that Elizabeth Gutiérrez also had – El Diario NY

William Levy spoke and accepts that he made mistakes and says that Elizabeth Gutiérrez also had – El Diario NY

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William Levy stated that he is at a point in his life in which he prefers to focus on his family and his professional career, leaving aside controversies and gossip. He appreciated the host’s interest in wanting to know her version of events, but reiterated that he prefers not to delve into details about her life after his separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

However, the driver Ana María Alvarado from ‘Sale El Sol’ managed to have a conversation with the actor with Cuban rootsa moment in which he took the opportunity to clarify certain points of everything that has been rumored after the interview she offered to ‘HOLA! AMERICAS’.

“I spoke with him for almost an hour, very friendly. He told me, ‘You can tell me that I talked to you, but I’m not going to give interviews to you or anyone else. because I don’t want because I’m angry, I end up speaking badly about the mother of my children,’” the television presenter mentioned during a new broadcast of the television program.

The actor also expressed his desire that the privacy of his ex-partner and mother of his children, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, as well as that of his children, be respected. He clarified that, although there may be differences between them, he will always prioritize the respect and well-being of his family.

I admit to having made many mistakes over 20 years, but it is a relationship of two, she also made her mistakes… Many things have not been said publicly. You know only part of it. And now just what she has said,” she said about the things that happened during the entire time they were together.

Levy thanked his fans for the support and understanding they give him in every step he takes, reaffirming his commitment to continue working hard to offer them the best of himself in every project he embarks on.

For my children, because she is the mother of my children, I am not going to say anything and I will endure the attacks“Levy concluded by saying in the conversation he had with Ana María.

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