How to properly remove airbag stickers from car sun visors

Stickers en parasoles

By law all cars have airbags throughout the interior of the car and with them, most vehicles tRae a sticker of air bags in the sun visors. They are placed with the intention of warning about the dangers that they can cause if they are activated.

However, not all people like to lower their parasol and meet that sticker there. So many drivers decide to remove them and not see them anymore.

If you are one of those owners who want to remove the sticker of air bags in the sun visors of your caryou have to remember that if you don鈥檛 do it correctly there will be something broken or a stain that will look worse than it did before.

That鈥檚 why, Here we tell you how you can correctly remove the airbag stickers on the car鈥檚 sun visors.

It is a very simple job and you can do it yourself at home, however, you must be careful during the work process to avoid unnecessary risks.

Necessary tools and materials.

鈥 Windshield wipers (paper towel)
鈥 Isopropyl alcohol
鈥 Surface cleaners
鈥 Heat gun or hair dryer

How to remove the stickers?

Before starting work, you must remove the sun visors from the cars. These parts are easy to disassemble without the help of mechanics.

There are many ways to remove airbag warning labels, but here鈥檚 how to do it with rubbing alcohol.

Step 1. Clean the decal to be peeled off

Step 2. Use a towel to soak in rubbing alcohol and place on the edges of the decal. Keep the towel wet, let the alcohol soak into the sticker for about 15-20 minutes so that you can gradually peel off the decals.

Step 3. Just in case, the stickers are still stuck on the sun visors after using alcohol, use a plastic card or knives to remove the edges of the peeled off decal. Then continue to soak up alcohol under the decal until it all comes off.

Use cleaning chemicals (vinyl cleaner) to clean residual adhesive from the viscera.


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