Influencer arrested for making propaganda in favor of Claudia Sheinbaum – 24 Horas

Influencer arrested for making propaganda in favor of Claudia Sheinbaum – 24 Horas

In the midst of the presidential campaigns, the influencer known as “Strawberry girl” She began to be criticized on social networks after spreading a message in favor of the Morena, Green Party and PT candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum.

Mariana Grimaldi He published a story through his Instagram account where he responded to an alleged question sent by one of his followers about what he liked most about Mexico City.

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“What I like most about Mexico City is that there are literally many very nice campaigns and events. What I didn’t know was the existence of the green challenge that Claudia Sheinbaum carried out to plant 40 million trees and plants,” the influencer mentioned in the publication.

After this, thousands of users attacked the influencer, accusing her of having “sold out” to Morena and the Green Party in exchange for a few ‘pesos’. After this, Grimaldi deactivated the comments on his publications so as not to continue receiving bad comments.

They accuse the Green Party again of ‘buying’ influencers

Due to the propaganda in favor of Claudia Sheinbaum by “the strawberry girl”, users on social networks have recalled the cases again. where the Green Party has been involved in the purchase of influencers and artists to talk about their proposals.

The most recent case was that of Adriana Carballoa Mexican tiktoker who currently lives in Spain and who, despite never having talked about politics on her networks, pointed out that the proposals of this political party were very good, as has happened in previous cases.


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