Influencer offers to pay for motorcycle repair to man arrested during March 8 – 24 Hours

Influencer offers to pay for motorcycle repair to man arrested during March 8 – 24 Hours

The influencer and adult content creator, Alexandra Sugaroffered to pay the motorcycle repair of the man who was arrested in the 8M march in CDMXfor the attack on several assistants.

Last Friday, March 8, the march for International Women’s Day took place in Mexico City, where thousands of women took to the streets to demand their rights and to protest against gender violence.

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During this march, a fight broke out in which a man identified as Abraham was involved, who made his way through the contingent and some of the attendees prevented the subject from moving down the busy street with his motorcycle, due to the march. .

Some women insisted on taking him off the street to take another route, so they began to push him. At that moment, the man became violent, so he hit several assistants; He hit one of them repeatedly and threw her to the ground.

Given this, some women threw things at the man, while others painted his motorcycle. He was later detained by the police.

Azúcar Alejandra offers to pay for a motorcycle repair

After what happened, Azúcar Alejandra posted on her social networks that she was looking for the motorcyclist to pay the fine for the unit and the damage to it, sending it to an agency to repair it. The above, and according to the influencer, because he had been fired at her job.

“I’m looking for the owner of this motorcycle, to pay for the damages to it, on Tuesday I will be in CDMX, what brand is the motorcycle so that they can take it to the agency and they can send me a message so I can authorize the repair,” he mentioned on his social network X, formerly Twitter.

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Although the OnlyFans model also said that she had already found Abraham’s social networks and left him messages, she had no response. In addition, she also decided to pay half of a new motorcycle, after businessman Ricardo Salinas proposed giving her one.

“A motorcycle @ItalikaOficial I offer to pay half of Don Ricardo’s new motorcycle…” he commented.

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Alejandra is already in CDMX

This Tuesday, March 12, Azúcar Alejandra arrived in Mexico City for personal things, but also to help the motorcyclist.

On his social networks he again posted that this day he was at the Coyoacán mayor’s office and that he hoped to locate Abraham to pay for the damages to his unit.

“I am already in CDMX, in the Coyoacán area, I offered to help Abraham with his expenses and the repair of the motorcycle, help me locate him,” he wrote.


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