Is Black Pink returning to Mexico?  Lisa’s photo sparks rumors on Instagram

Is Black Pink returning to Mexico? Lisa’s photo sparks rumors on Instagram

Korean girl band Black Pink he had not yet finished his tour presentations Born Pink in Mexico when his fans were already waiting for his return with more choreographies and music. Therefore, every movement of Lisa, Rose, Jenny and Jisoo They are sometimes interpreted as “signs.”

Recently the name of Lalisa Manobal became a trend because he uploaded a photo in which he wrote “it’s good to be back at Coachella,” which made people think. Blinks that could have a surprise appearance.

However, he only attended to enjoy the bands and artists that were present at Coachellaa festival that takes place in Indian, California.

In Coachella Lisa took the opportunity to see the presentation of Doja Cat.

Why did fans believe that Black Pink could return to Mexico?

Although Lisa She is one of the members of blackpink who is not so active on your account instagramhas surprised his followers with publications and stories of some activities he has carried out in recent days.

In fact, what sparked rumors of a new visit by blackpink to Mexico was a story in which Lisa records how they prepare a food that seems to be Skiing either corn in glassaccording to his fans.

The video for just a few seconds shows what appears to be a street stand where they serve food prepared with cheese and chili powder on a Styrofoam plate.

Although the singer of “Money“was supposedly captured a few hours after walking through Parisa little far from Mexico.

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