VIDEO: Woman walks her pony through the streets of CDMX and goes viral

VIDEO: Woman walks her pony through the streets of CDMX and goes viral

When we believe that something cannot happen almost every time it does, well now if you are one of the people who did not believe that a person could take their pony for a walk through Mexico City (CDMX), here we leave you the video and the details.

A woman was captured walking her pony on the busy Avenida Presidente Masaryk, belonging to Polanco, CDMX. As is already common, the postcard of this girl carrying it on her leash, resembling a canine, caught the attention of passers-by.

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Those present began to record the scene and in turn were surprised at the reason why the girl would make the decision to walk him that way or specifically in a totally urban place.

In the video you can see the white and black pony that has long hair on different parts of its body, accompanying its alleged owner who is wearing jeans, a black blouse and tennis shoes.

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The comments from Internet users were divided, some defending that “to each their own pets”, others that this would leave President Masaryk very dirty and even criticism was launched against the woman.

“This is wanting to get attention, those people who have to resort to this in order to get attention shock me.”
“It is your pet, I hope you have an appropriate space to have it in your home”
“Let him carry his bag to collect his NEEDS.”

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