Is Juan Gabriel alive?  Famous actress claims to have received a phone call from the interpreter

Is Juan Gabriel alive? Famous actress claims to have received a phone call from the interpreter



A true mystery is the one that has been created around Juan Gabriel, Well, the mark he left on the music industry has not positioned itself as one of the top references, and believe it or not, eight years after its decline, theories continue to emerge that the singer-songwriter could still be alive and the most recent statements of a famous actress and singer could be confirmation, since according to her she received a phone call from him and the criticism did not wait.

It is important to mention that since the death of the Divo of Juárez, There has been much speculation that in reality everything had been faked given the high debts of the mexican singer with the Treasury, reasons why he apparently preferred to disappear completely from the world and on more than one occasion his former manager, Joaquín Muñoz, has assured that found alive and hidden, but it is a matter of time before he resumes his life and career.

These versions gained much more strength from the day the artist died in California, United States at 66 years of age for a massive myocardial infarction, Well, there was no official image of the coffin or even the body, and the family cremated her remains from one moment to the next, so many theories revolve around her disappearance, but now a famous actress comes to fan the fire of these versions.

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And we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the singer as well. Lucia Mendezwho for many years boasted a very solid friendship with Juan Gabriel, well through the reality show ‘Always Queens’, The stage star surprised fans by revealing that he received a call where the same Divo of Juarez I greet her as I always did, and as expected, the critics They did not wait and on social networks they have strongly pointed it out.

Social networks make fun of Lucía Méndez

According to Méndez, considered one of the last divas of the mexican cinemaclaims that at one stage in his life, on one occasion when answering the phone he heard the familiar voice of the singer greeting her with: “Hello daughter!”, way in which he always referred to her affectionately, which apparently left her completely frost, but he did not want to delve further into the matter.

As expected, criticism and ridicule have not been long in coming, since for a large number of users through social networks, as many claim that the lack of popularity of the Mexican actress 69 years old is just a strategy attention, while others suggest he might be losing his mind; So far he has not commented on the matter.

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