Is the MONARCHY in danger after CANCER of King Charles III and Kate Middleton was revealed?

Is the MONARCHY in danger after CANCER of King Charles III and Kate Middleton was revealed?



It is a secret to no one that this 2024 has been one of the heaviest years that the British royal family, since last January, the health has advanced three of its most popular and loved members around the world: Charles III, Kate Middleton and Sarah Ferguson, for which many experts classify the cancer of the members of the Windsor like a strong crisis that could lead to their disappearance.

It all started when last January they confirmed that the king of england 74-year-old would have been diagnosed with cancer, which undoubtedly surprised everyone and since then he has not been seen again. Your Majesty was the Buckingham Palace or in some royal event, so it is widely said that his health could be delicate, while Andrés of York’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson It was the second confirmed.

And it is that the Lady Di’s best friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, so he has evidently faced chemotherapies to counteract the problems of the disease; but without a doubt, the statement Kate Middleton is the one that has shaken the entire world, because at 42 years of age, the wife of prince william appeared to talk about his treatment that he already has after he was confirmed his cancer.

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These three characters are among the most important for thousands of people because the husband of Camilla Parker is the leader of the British crown, while Sarah Ferguson is remembered as the best friend and great ally of Diana Spencer and without a doubt the new Wale’s princess is loved and loved beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and this health crisis Could I take them to his missing?

Will cancer within the Royal Family end the entire crown?

And the problem they have faced now the Windsors It is without a doubt the resurgence of a Annus horribilis, a crisis that had not been seen for 32 years and was supported by Isabel II, and now once again, the Royal family faces something that many catalog As the beginning of the end, Well, there are those who see this cancer disease as the reason that will completely end the royal institution.

According to its translation into Spanish, this term is known as ‘horrible year’ and although there have been several that the members of the british royal house, This is one of the most worrying, since it is widely said that if any of these three characters dies, it could be what triggers andhe end of the royal institution of Great Britain As it is known today, it is one of its worst phases.

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According to what is known so far, I already king of england, the princess of wales and the former Duchess of York They’re in chemotherapy treatment in its first stage to emerge victorious from the disease that is affecting your health and thus get ahead of this strong crisis which they face.

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