Is William Levy’s career in danger?  Producer says the public deserves respect after SCANDALS

Is William Levy’s career in danger? Producer says the public deserves respect after SCANDALS


The scandals around the separation they traverse William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, are not only damaging the actor’s image on social networks; according to the producer’s perception Salvador Mejiathe infidelities and violent altercations of the now ex-couple, could leave Levy out of multiple current projects. It should be remembered that Mejía’s opinion is critical at this time, since he is a friend and former boss of the now controversial actor.

Photo: Instagram // @willevy

What did Salvador Mejía say about the damaged image of William Levy?

As soon as the 911 calls and domestic altercations involving William Levythe producer Salvador Mejia commented on interview with Eden Dorantes about the seriousness of these scandals. Mejía, with whom Levy worked in soap operas such as ‘Triunfo del amor’ and ‘La Tempestad’, remains firm in his friendship with the Cuban actor, but assured that his behavior has not been worthy of what the public expects:

William is a friend, we get along on several projects we had. (But) I think they have a problem there with families, those issues. So, the truth is that we have to wait for how everything ends (…) because the public also deserves all the respect, and if we bring them a figure, it has to be as clean as possible, and that it does not affect their image. . We don’t want the image to be misunderstood.

When independent reporter Eden asked Salvador Mejia If Levy’s conflicts could ‘close the doors’ for a long time, the producer reiterated yes. However, he assured that he would not rule out inviting him to a performance under his command once ‘everything is resolved.’ For now, it is a fact that scandals of the Cuban heartthrob are taking a toll on him, both with his fans and with his old friends.

What happened between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez?

After 20 years of relationship and 2 years of breakup rumors, it’s been weeks since William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrrez confirmed their separation; and in fact, they stopped living together since 2022. Although there are many versions found, until now most of them point to various infidelities of Levy towards Gutiérrez, as well as certain episodes where the actor used physical force in the confrontations he had with his now ex-partner.

Although Elizabeth has remained discreet and diplomatic; many fans of William Levy They have remembered that he had been throwing hurtful hints at his ex for several years. That almost always took place on his Instagram account; where he even drew attention to a post (now deleted) where the actor accused Elizabeth of having ‘professional jealousy’: «In life there are people who simply don’t like to see you smile. People who at night try to destroy you by damaging your image (…) threaten you and sadly even try to defame you publicly.»

Photo: Instagram // @willevy
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