How to use mirrors to attract ABUNDANCE and LUCK, according to Feng Shui

How to use mirrors to attract ABUNDANCE and LUCK, according to Feng Shui

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He Feng Shui It is one of the most popular practices in recent years thanks to the fact that it has gained great popularity for everything you can attract and achieve with it if you do it correctly, because in this way you can obtain abundance, prosperity, luck, positive energy, among others, in a very simple way, since we will only have to use objects that we usually have at home.

Some of them are usually decorative objects such as plants, furniture, lamps, wind chimes and more, so on this occasion we will occupy Mirrorswhich are mandatory at home, but here we will tell you how to use them and mainly, where to put them, as it is part of the strategy to make them work.

Likewise, mirrors are part of the most fundamental decoration in the home, thanks to the great use we give them every day, but they also have a very important role because they tend to be very prominent, but at the same time, they will bring us great benefits. for our life as abundance and good luck.


Where to place mirrors to attract positive energies

It is very important to place mirrors in ideal places to attract abundance and good luck, as they also help us make living spaces light larger, which is very important within this Chinese philosophy, so we must take into account that they cannot be placed anywhere.

Mirrors have the great power to move and change energies and that is the main reason why we should put them in a strategic place, thanks to the fact that they are considered magnets to attract good luck, vibes and prevent bad energies from entering the house.


exist four suitable places to put mirrorsone of them is the hall or the main entrance, since the energy can be absorbed from there, so it is better to put it to the side, likewise, the living room is also a good place to place it, since it helps us with positive energy and multiply the light.

Another ideal place is the bedrooms, but it is best to do it where the bed is not reflected, as it could cause you to not rest well. Also the bathroom is one of the great options, just remember not to put it in front of the door, so that the energy don’t run away.

Remember that for Feng Shui to work in your life and at home, it is very important that the mirrors are in good condition, that is, that they are not broken or that you only have a fragment, otherwise, you could attract negative things.

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