Isbel Parra will bet on elegance at Miss International

Isbel Parra will bet on elegance at Miss International

Elegance and sobriety are the two characteristics that Isbel Parra highlights from the gala dress that she will wear to Miss International 2022, which will take place on December 13 in Japan. And it is that after the contest postponed its gala twice, the time finally came for the model to shout “Venezuela” in Tokyo.

During a visit to the Single Newsroom of Últimas Noticias and, Miss International Venezuela 2020 revealed that this Monday, November 28, she begins her journey to the nation of the rising sun, where she will arrive, as planned, on Wednesday the 30th. or five suitcases will accompany her on that adventure, in which she hopes to get the ninth crown for the country.

«I am happy to live the experience, that the time will finally come, to meet the candidates, the Miss International Organization, to learn more about the culture, to live it in person; We are finalizing the details right now, but happy, “she commented.

Ysbel Parra Miss International 10 Foto MIB
Photo: Maria Isabel Batista

doubts and uncertainty

Regarding the time she had to wait to fulfill her task of representing Venezuela, the gymnast and fashion designer also admitted that there were moments of doubt on her part after the contest was postponed.

“There was a moment when it was canceled that was quite uncertain, where I had to reevaluate many things, and above all, talk with the organization (Miss Venezuela), because I wanted to continue with my personal and professional projects,” he commented- “Thank you God I had very good communication, I was able to travel half a year to the United States, where I was practicing English, I was with part of my family, doing many things and personal projects; So, beyond thinking that I was going to cancel, it was like reorganizing all my plans, and that this did not affect what I wanted to do with my life, with my plans for the future, and everything, thank God, “he added.

isbel parra maria isabel batista
Photo: Maria Isabel Batista

Elegance above all

The 1.77 m tall beauty queen revealed that the typical outfit she will wear in Japan is inspired by the country. «Alex Apostol did it for me, he is a designer from Barquisimeto, and the goldsmith of the headdress is Juan Pablo Torres; The two of them made a wonderful team, they allowed me to be part of the design, which is the most important thing, because I feel comfortable. The suit represents all of Venezuela, it is part of our nature and one of the national symbols… So there are not many options, “she said with a laugh without giving further details.

Regarding the gala dress, she pointed out that it is from Julio Mora, the designer who dressed her both in Miss Venezuela, and in the last gala of the contest, where gave up his crown.

«I want to look very elegant, sober, which is something they love, and of course, that (the dress) attracts attention in a good way. So, it doesn’t have much neckline or show much skin, so to speak, precisely because of the respect that they deserve for their culture. I also think that I feel good like this, the design is very well designed to give a good figure, highlight attributes and I love the color, “she said, without letting go of any of the latter.

rescue the beautiful

Regarding the scandal that the Miss Venezuela Organization is currently facing, after some of the juries of the 2022 edition denounced that the winners who voted were not the ones who were crowned, Isbel was quite diplomatic, claiming that she has been concentrating on her trip .

«What I have seen is what has been said on social networks, however, I feel that a quite diverse matrix of opinion has been generated, because right now in the virtual world there is great freedom to express what we want, and I think it is It should highlight how beautiful that night was lived, what I experienced because my contest was virtual and it was my first time with the public, and I can really rescue how beautiful I felt, “he said.

And he added: “Beyond that, I hope that everything can be clarified, that this does not affect any of the people involved, and above all, that we see the triumph of the girls with happiness, that they feel supported, both those who They are involved as the Miss Venezuela organization ».

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