It is serious?  Pati Chapoy reveals the illness that Daniel Bisogno suffers from – 24 Horas

It is serious? Pati Chapoy reveals the illness that Daniel Bisogno suffers from – 24 Horas

The owner of Ventaneando,Pati Chapoyrevealed what illness the driver suffers from Daniel Bisogno after being hospitalized again.

Last Thursday – February 8 – María Luisa Valdés, the presenter of Multimedios, announced that supposedly the host Daniel Bisogno had been hospitalized again due to problems secondary to his liver disease. Given this, Patricia Chapoy confirmed the news, and also initially detailed what the state of health of “El Muñe” was.

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During the broadcast on February 9, Chapoy detailed that the show host had been hospitalized once again, but not for anything serious, but rather to undergo certain procedures, from which he had come out very well.

Since due to the health problems he had last year – he had a gallbladder and esophageal varicose veins – Bisogno has been very attentive to taking care of his health.

“As we reported on social networks, Daniel Bisogno was admitted to the hospital again yesterday, because he is very attentive to taking care of his health, and check-ups are being carried out because, as we have seen Throughout Ventaneando and during all the presentations he has had here, we suddenly saw him tired, thin. But he is very well cared for, and it is important that he is checked from head to toe.

It is likely that he will stay there over the weekend, although, he did not guarantee, since ‘El Muñe’ has not yet reported anything to me,” mentioned the owner of Ventaneando.

What illness does Daniel suffer from?

Although the details of the state of health of the theater actor have been detailed, his physique has unleashed a series of rumors ranging from problems due to liver disease and even AIDS, both fake news.

Given all the speculation and concern from fans, Pati clarified what she really has, her friend and partner, as well as the reasons why she remains under medical observation.

The journalist, who this February 12 attended the beginning of the joint tour of Yuri and Cristian Castro, at the National Auditorium, was questioned by the media about who was Raquel Bigorra’s friend and compadre.

The presenter, when questioned, explained that ‘El Muñe’ is being monitored because he suffers from a lung infection, but despite this, she made it clear that everything is “fine” and that the presenter is undergoing treatment and has not presented any symptoms. No complications that could put your life at risk.

“He is very well cared for, fortunately. He is still hospitalized, he is on a series of antibiotics for the lung infection he has… he is totally out of danger; However, he remains hospitalized due to the medications he is being given. The best thing is to keep it under observation, she revealed, according to a video shared by reporter María Montoya.

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Likewise, Pati Chapoy also shared that both the production of ‘Ventaneando’ and the TV Azteca company have been unconditionally supporting Daniel Bisogno.

“If we are supporting Daniel in everything he needs, obviously absolutely no one is going to take his place. We have been very respectful of his state of health. If TV Azteca is characterized by something, it is the unconditional support of all its employees and Daniel is one of them.”


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