Costco reseller to start new business;  will rent as a ‘boyfriend’ for Valentine’s Day – 24 Hours

Costco reseller to start new business; will rent as a ‘boyfriend’ for Valentine’s Day – 24 Hours

Billing! Reseller of costcowho, wanting to get ahead, announced that he will undertake a New business; will be rented from ‘boyfriend‘ for this one February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away from being celebrated, which is a great moment for many people, since this day is ideal to show the great love and affection you have for your boyfriend, husband or that special person who steals even the most loved ones. sighs

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And whether it be with a dinner, a bouquet of roses, chocolates, stuffed animals or a letter that show the feelings they have for each other. This is in the case of having someone to celebrate with, but if not, pay attention, since you can rent someone for this Valentine’s Day.

This is none other than ‘Jesus in my style’, the Costo reseller, who went viral after his -failed- sale of Rosca de Reyes and who has looked for any article or celebration to obtain some economic resource and get ahead .

Such was this case on the “Day of Love and Friendship”, as the entrepreneur, who joined the sale of bouquets of flowers for a ‘modest’ amount of 3 thousand pesos, through a TikTok video, announced that he would I would rent as a ‘boyfriend’, for those people who do not have a partner for this Wednesday.

“People, a good business idea just occurred to me, what if I rent it out to the old maids this February 14th? As if it were her husband, her boyfriend, so that they look good to people, well, since they see that they are embarrassed to arrive somewhere without a boyfriend,” the reseller mentioned.

As detailed, the “experience” includes bringing gifts to the meeting, as well as showing affection towards the women interested in their services, but it was made clear that the person will bear the extra expenses, such as gifts.

“I’m going to get here. What’s up, mija, I love you so much! I’m bringing you a gift, obviously they’re going to buy it… “It would be a really good idea,” Jesús said.

As expected, the video quickly went viral and unleashed opinions among Internet users, who, on the one hand, supported the entrepreneur’s idea, but there were also those who made fun of his new business.

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“I recommend selling king roses from Costco.”

“Eh, the race doesn’t know if you’re playing or saying it for real, haha.”

“Best beans we”

“If they don’t want you the rest of the year, what are they going to rent you?”

“Cheer up, you, come on and get some colored balloons too.”

“Women will prefer to be embarrassed by being alone than to be embarrassed by saying they are with you.”

@jesusamiestilo I will rent myself for a day as a boyfriend #for you #chuyroscas #Mexicali #boyfriendforundia #viral #February 14th @jesus in my style ♬ original sound – Jesus in my style


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