‘I’ve Got My Hearing Back’: Chris Rock Speaks On London Show About Will Smith Hit

Slowly comedian Chris Rock begins to talk about the disastrous night he lived in the Oscar awards when it was hit by actor Will Smithwho slapped him after making a joke about his wife鈥檚 alopecia, Jada Pinkett.

During his show Ego Death which he presented at Royal Albert Hall in Londonmedia such as The Telegraph and Times reported that Chris Rock commented to the public how he is currently.

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鈥淚f anyone asks, I have regained my hearingthen add: those who They say words can hurt, They have never been hit in the face.鈥.

The latter in reference to the criticism he received for the prank on Jada that the public considered in bad taste and motivated the violent action of Will Smith.

Expect big check from Netflix

Everybody expects Chris Rock speak openly about the matterbut you already have a plan for it: 鈥淓ventually I will do it on Netflix and when I see a big check with my name on it.鈥

This is what he said last month in his presentation of Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, in California: 鈥淚鈥檓 fine. I have a full show and I鈥檓 not going to talk about it until I get paid.鈥.

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Chris Rock has been sparing in discussing the matter and only has released some mocking commentsfor example when the comedian Dave Chapelle was attacked by a man in full performance during the Netflix it鈥檚 a joke festival, on May 5.

There was Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock, who came on stage to help him.

Trying to give a touch of humor to the unexpected situation that was experienced in the Hollywood Bowl, Chris Rock took the microphone that Chappelle was holding and Said 鈥渢hat was Will Smith鈥.

鈥淎t least someone famous hit you鈥Chapelle responded. To which Rock replied: 鈥淲ell yes, I was hit by the softest rapper that ever lived鈥.

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