Ivonne Montero almost lost her eye, shares a shocking photograph

Ivonne Montero almost lost her eye, shares a shocking photograph

Ivonne Montero almost lost her eye, shares a shocking photograph (Instagram)

Ivonne Montero almost lost her eye, shares a shocking photograph | instagram

tremendous images of the of the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 2, Ivonne Montero, then, suffered a serious accident injuring her eye, for which the famous shared a photo in which she looks completely injured, bandaged and with great sadness on her face.

This image has evidently aroused the concern of Internet users on social networks, since it really looks very spectacular how was the actress, after the accident that caused an injury to his eye. The image was just shared this Friday, December 2 on their networks.

The image, which is causing a great stir on the internet, it was taken by the same actress, yvonne monteroinside the hospital. In it, it can be seen how she had already been treated by the doctors, who covered her eye with a patch and a bandage on her head. It seems that this misfortune happened to him due to an oversight.

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A fatal family oversight… Send me your good wishes!” Ivonne Montero wrote in her photograph from the hospital.

With those simple and brief words, the famous woman communicated what had happened to her, but did not give further details about it, so that, until now, it is completely unknown what happened and it remained a great unknown as to what happened. He said that everything happened due to an oversight.

Meanwhile, the reactions to his photograph have not been long in coming and both other celebrities and his loyal followers have filled his comment tray with good wishes and encouragement, but also with questions about what happened to him. get to the hospital.

Get well soon my Lobita”, wrote Mauricio Barcelata. “Beautiful, much love so that you recover quickly! I love you, ”she commented, Irán Castillo. For her part, Alejandro Nones wrote to her: “Get well soon, dear friend!!!!!”; “I hug you my Ivonne, that you recover soon”, I wish you, Mauricio Mancera. “What happened? Are you okay? I hope you get well soon. I send you a big hug”, asked Josh Gutiérrez.

The image is so impressive that in a few hours it has achieved more than 27 thousand reactions. For this reason, a moment ago, the famous, she shared an image again with the phrase “Thank you very much for your messages”, accompanied by the following words: “Recovering very well blessed God”.

Despite not having clarified what happened in greater detail, with this following publication, Yvonne Montero, He made it clear that he is out of danger and that the most important thing is that he is in recovery. We will have to wait and see if, in the next few hours, the famous woman provides clearer details of how this accident happened to her.

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