Japan celebrates Big Butt Day with spectacular illustrations

Japan celebrates Big Butt Day with spectacular illustrations

The November 30 the unofficial celebration is commemorated «Great Butt Day» (いいおしりの日), better known in Spanish as el “Big Butt Day”. Reason why users on social networks, cosplayers and illustrators came together to share a wide variety of illustrations and cosplays to celebrate the day through the hashtag #いいおしりの日.

It remains to be noted that the November 4th This same holiday is also celebrated in Japan. So we could say that we have two days dedicated to commemorating this part of the body.

The unofficial holiday is celebrated on November 30 and is created by the group Vizmic Corporationa company based in shibuya that was dedicated to the business of music, video and the promotion of talents, models and artists. The original purpose is to encourage the gravure idol industry (a type of idol that stands out for posing in underwear and swimsuits) to convey her beauty to the world.

The company that created this holiday transferred all its operations to a new company called TRUSTdedicated to talent management and event, project and advertising planning.

Currently, the holiday is still celebrated on November 30 and has become an unofficial holiday celebrated by thousands of characters in Japan through cool cosplays and illustrations, thanks to the rise in popularity of anime culture.

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