John Cena appears naked at the 2024 Oscars, why did he do it?

John Cena appears naked at the 2024 Oscars, why did he do it?

John Cena once again showed his comical and more personal side when appearing on the stage of the Oscar awards 2024 totally naked to present the award to “Best Costume Design”.

It all started with the host of the gala, Jimmy Kimmelwho appeared on stage to remember what had happened 50 years since a person showed up completely naked at the awards ceremony and ran all over the stage.

Later, he asked What would it be like if that happened again today?with nothing happening, so he asked again how crazy it would be if that happened again, only for John Cena made his appearance.

The actor and fighter showed himself with the bare chest and covering part of the stage and told Jimmy Kimmel that He couldn’t do it and he couldn’t run naked across the stage..

“I changed my idea. “I don’t feel comfortable with this, it’s a very elegant event, you know?” Cena said, to which Kimmel responded that he should feel embarrassed and Cena made the audience laugh by saying: “The male body is not a joke.” .

The Oscar host He remembered John Cena who practically fought naked during his time as a wrestling professional, to which he responded that It was false since he always wore shorts. Kimmel couldn’t stand it and responded that Wearing that garment was more ridiculous than going out naked.

A disappointed Jimmy Kimmel left the stage and handed out an envelope with the nominees for “Best Costume Design” to John Cena, who, Covering his body with the envelope, he walked sideways until he could reach the microphone in the center of the stage.

Without being able to say much, Cena made one more joke and stated that I couldn’t open the envelope or it would come out. Thus, Kimmel came out on stage only to say “these are the nominees…”.

The category “Best Costume Design“he ended up taking the tape”Poor Things“, while John Cena was helped by the production of the Oscars and by Jimmy Kimmel so that I could use a toga.

The first naked man on the Oscar stage

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the case known in English as “The Oscar Streaker” occurred in 1974 and in which A man appeared out of nowhere at the back of the stage, totally naked and running in a panic.

David Niven It was the actor who was speaking into the microphone, who had the assignment of introduce Elizabeth Taylor for her to announce the winner to “Best film” of that year.

When Niven was about to say “and someone probably…” his sentence was interrupted by the shouts from the publicupon seeing a totally naked man running and smiling at the camerafor later raise your fingers in victory as if I were competing in a marathon.

The Confusion overcame NivenI didn’t know what to do, but it became a smilewhile the naked man retired. To make the moment more uncomfortable, the live orchestra began to play.

“This was meant to happen, but isn’t it fascinating to think that the only laugh a man can unleash is the one he generates when he takes off his clothes and shows his little things,” Niven said to close the moment.

George Opel was the man who He ran naked at that moment on the Oscars stagea photographer with a small art gallery dedicated to homoeroticism named Fey-Way-Studios. The reasons why he decided to run or how he managed to enter naked were not made known.

Published in The Sun of Puebla

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