Pepe Aguilar accepts that his daughter Ángela Aguilar has overcome him and admits that this is a compliment for him – El Diario NY

Pepe Aguilar accepts that his daughter Ángela Aguilar has overcome him and admits that this is a compliment for him – El Diario NY

In the world of regional Mexican music And there is a lot of competition in the ranchero genre, and even though this is a very noble genre, it is also close and one of those that most represents the Mexican people. Which is why its performers are so loved and endearing to their loyal followers.

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There is no doubt that in this area the Aguilar family has a lot to say and contribute, especially because they have been giving the industry music and songs that have marked an era for generations. However, the legacy that his parents left him -Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre- It has not been limited to him. He has also known how to sow the seed of music in his children, who today are recognized, applauded and accepted within the genre.

Ángela and Pepe Aguilar run their show "Jaripeo Without Borders" to the Plaza de Toros México, where they were able to gather more than 40 thousand people who sang their hits/Mexico, March 4, 2023.
In the image Ángela and Pepe Aguilar appear in a jaripeo. / Photo by Mezcalo.
Credit: Mezcalo

However, it is also true that Angela Aguilar He is the one who has managed to stand out the most in recent years. Pepe Aguilar has spoken clearly about this, and beyond feeling offended because now many when they talk about him refer to ‘Angela’s father’, for him this is a compliment, since as he explained, there is no better compliment for a father than knowing that your children have surpassed you.

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According to the Meznivel portal, Joaquín López Dóriga spoke with the singer on his radio program, and it was there where he pointed out that the young singer has achieved national and international recognition thanks to the great commitment she puts into each of the singers. projects you carry out.

In said interview he also stated: “Now they identify me as Ángela Aguilar’s father and that’s fine. There is no better compliment to a father than for his children to surpass him and I have no doubt that Angela has what it takes, because she has already achieved it. She has something to make history with in her career and in her personal life.”

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