Jomari Goyso supports Chiquis, and those of Univision, El Gordo Flaca, like Jacqie Rivera

Chiquis Rivera plans to move to the city of Miami, Florida

Chiquis Rivera plans to move to the city of Miami, Florida

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This week Jacqie Rivera, the new business head of the children of Jenni Rivera, shared a selfie on Instagram, which has been liked by many. Among the thousands of likes he got is that of El Gordo y la Flaca. It should be remembered that the program hosted by Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan, He has been at odds with Rosie Rivera for years, to the point that to this day, the production does not mention her at all.

For this reason, many believe that in the Rivera lawsuit, The fat and the skinny he’s probably on the side of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, and his brothers. After all, with the ex-wife of Lorenzo Méndez, they have always had an excellent media relationship.

Another famous person who has come out in favor of Chiquis Rivera, In this latest scandal that has hit the family, it is neither more nor less than Jomari Goyso. In the controversial video that unleashed Juan’s anger and that also caused the family separation of Lupillo Rivera, and his brothers, Goyso spoke there with these words of support: “Your mom from above is very proud of you! 🙌 ”.

And it should be noted that the fact that Jomari is on Chiquis’s side has made many who are observing this situation from afar now give not only the benefit of the doubt to the singer, but also believe her, because they consider her Jomari, one of the most honest celebrities in the Hispanic entertainment world.

These words are a reflection of them: “You are very honest and you do not mince words, I like seeing your comment here, it means that she is correct. I know that like many people we would like to hear your opinion ”.

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