Jozy Altidore attacked a Puebla fan for allegedly racist comment against him (Video)

Jozy Altidore attacked a Puebla fan for allegedly racist comment against him (Video)

Jozy Altidore Puebla soccer player.

Jozy Altidore Puebla soccer player.

Photo: Mireya Novo / Imago7

A video is circulating on social networks in which Puebla’s American striker, Jozy Altidore, can be seen slapping a fan outside a nightclub. The reaction would have been due to a racist comment by a fan of “The Strip” who addressed Altidore as “Chocomilk”.

Racism is unacceptable both in football and in the world, however Altidore’s reaction has also been heavily criticized on social media. So far there is no official statement from the footballer or the team where he currently plays. It should be noted that Altidore arrived at “La Franja” this season to replace striker Fernando Aristeguieta who will be out due to injury for the rest of the season.

Jozy Altidore’s reaction

According to media reports in Mexico, Altidore’s reaction is due to the fan’s racist comments, however they also point out that There is no certainty that the former Colorado Rapids have heard the words of the Puebla fan.

Continuing with the sequence of events, Altidore punches the subject in the hand and practically throws the cell phone at him.; Later, the fan says some more profanity, so the American soccer player hits him, but the recording stops there.

Other hypotheses about the Altidore reaction

The portal Halftime reported that Paulo Yolatl, who identifies himself on Twitter as general director of the news portal En Línea Puebla, claims that Altidore’s reaction was due to leaving the nightclub with a woman who was not his wife. It should be agreed that his current partner and wife is the tennis player, Sloane Stephens.

It remains to wait for the pronouncements of both Puebla and Altidore, regarding this unpleasant situation.

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