Danna Paola says goodbye through tears in Pal Norte

Danna Paola says goodbye through tears in Pal Norte

Danna Paola is in the public eye and not because of the release of her new album that is yet to come, but because of a controversy that broke out on social networks after her followers began to rebuke an X user, before Twitter, who was supposedly asking him for a sum millionaire in exchange for giving him his Username.

This sparked a controversy when he claimed that the actress was also promoting the harassmentso he even had to go out in all his platforms to apologize and ask his followers to stop the wave of attacks against women, since the criticism even revolved around the fact that the name change was part of a simple whim. However, despite the apologies The topic reached the stage of To the north.

Why did Danna Paola cry on the Pal Norte stage?

Danna Paola I believed that after the sorry that he offered, the controversy had already been forgotten. However, the member of Elite once again gave something to talk about after his presentation at the Pal Norte festivalas he burst into tears right on stage, which was recorded in a video of just 50 seconds broadcast on Tiktok.

This action was related to what he has experienced in recent days. danna He claims that he had to stop going a part of her that was “very toxic”she can’t even speak fluently and the cameras at the event quickly capture her tear-filled eyes.

Before his audience, he assured that after 24 years of career he still loves what he does thanks to his followers, which is why he even dedicated the song We need to talk those who don’t feel good about themselves. With said melody she continued with the show, putting aside her tears.

During Pal Norte, Danna assured that he believes in the power of transformation; and that during that moment the attendees were becoming witnesses of what she was “Danna’s new sound” after which he even took off a white t-shirt he was wearing.

Why does Danna Paola want to change her name?

It will be next April 11 when the new album material of Danna Paola Rivera Munguía, now known simply as Danna. After the fight that broke out over X’s username, before Twitterthe artist herself stated that this It is not a whim of marketing.

Although he indicated that it will not be until the release of his album that he will talk more about the subject, he hinted that seeks to leave the past behind and what it meant to her “harmful” childhoodbecause in repeated interviews she assured that she could not grow up as a normal girl, not even going to a stable school, because she was a “child star.”

published by The Sun of Puebla.

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