Julián Gil reveals that Fernando Colunga never told him that he was going to be a father despite working together – El Diario NY

Julián Gil reveals that Fernando Colunga never told him that he was going to be a father despite working together – El Diario NY

Despite the diversity of rumors that indicate that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto They became parents on March 1, the actor and friend of Colunga, Julian Gilrevealed that the protagonist of “The Hex” did not reveal anything to him regarding this important aspect in his life.

During his most recent interview, Gil confessed that he is unaware of the variety of rumors regarding the paternity of Colunga because during the end of “The Hex”, a production in which they worked together, both texted to thank each other for working side by side but no mention was made of the supposed debut as a father on the part of Fernando Colunga.

Well, we haven’t talked about that (the birth of Fernando Colunga’s son), we saw each other at the end of the novel, we texted to thank each other, and I, in my case, to thank him for having the opportunity to work with him.”

Julian Gil

Julián Gil posing.
Julián Gil has been a great friend of Fernando Colunga for years.
Credit: Mezcalo

Fernando Colunga’s paternity remains unknown

Despite not having reliable information about the much-discussed paternity of Colunga, with whom he maintains a friendship off-camera, Julian Gil He took advantage of the moment to congratulate the man born in Mexico City: “I don’t know anything about that personal issue nor did I dare to ask him, but if he is a dad, many blessings for him.”

It is worth mentioning that after it was revealed a few days ago that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto had become parents of a little boy, several of the actor’s co-stars reacted to the news.

Fernando Colunga posing.

In the first instance, the companion of Colunga in “The Hex”, Chantal Andererevealed, during an interview, that he sent a congratulatory message to his former production partner wishing him the best. However, and according to Andere herself, Colunga had not responded to the message until the moment he told it.

Likewise, it was the actress Leticia Calderonwho shared the screen with Colunga in “Esmeralda”, which confirmed the news by congratulating Colunga and mention that the actor will be a good father thanks to his commitment to his health, physique and his work.

Fernando Colunga posing.
Fernando Colunga was severely criticized for his performance in “El Maleficio.”
Credit: Mezcalo

As revealed by various sources close to the Mexican actor, he welcomed his first child on March 1 at a private hospital in Florida. However, the interpreter of “The Hex” would have had the doctors and specialists involved in the birth sign a confidentiality agreement.

Despite the above, it was also revealed that the same Colunga She was part of the entire birth process by recording every moment and even cutting her baby’s umbilical cord. So far, none of the alleged parents have provided or given more information in this regard.

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