Karina Banda shows the house where she stayed during her family trip to Orlando

Karina Banda shows the house where she stayed during her family trip to Orlando

Karina Banda muestra la casa donde se hospedo durante su viaje familiar a Orlando

The Mexican presenter Karina Banda recently traveled to Orlando, Florida, with his family and has shared details of the house where they all stayed.

Banda recommends to all his Instagram followers that The best option for this type of family trip is to rent a housebecause it has more space and is even cheaper.

Among the other advantages that the Mexican presenter highlights are: you can feel at home, you can cook and enjoy family moments with board games.

The house they rented appears to be in a safe residential area. He said that in total the house had two large living rooms, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and a kitchen with everything you need.

To the exterior the property has green areas with a dining room and a cozy room to entertain yourself outdoors.

“In all our trips we try to stay in a house, in addition to what is cheaper it has other advantages that I do not sacrifice for anything,” he wrote.

One of the reasons why Banda made this trip was to take his niece to the Disney parks for the first time. She made this trip with her mother, her brothers, two nephews, but without her husband Carlos Ponce.

Banda’s visit to the parks was shown by the also journalist on social networks. During the video you can see the emotion that her niece had when she saw several of her favorite animated characters.

“Today my heart inflated more than to be able to fulfill my little niece’s dream of visiting Disney for the first time,” Banda wrote in the post.

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