Kate Middleton forgives Harry;  she prepares REUNION in May after being diagnosed with CANCER

Kate Middleton forgives Harry; she prepares REUNION in May after being diagnosed with CANCER


In recent months, Kate Middleton has given a lot to talk about after it was announced that she had been hospitalized to undergo abdominal surgery and after several rumors and even conspiracy theories, she herself declared that she suffers from cancer without saying which organ is affected, but that he is already undergoing treatment and is undergoing chemotherapy, so his state of health continues to be somewhat worrying.

This is not the only news that has shaken the British royal family in recent weeks, well let us remember that the King Charles III He also suffers from cancer, although unlike the princess, he has been seen at several public events such as this Easter Sunday with Queen Camilla.

While the Princess of Wales has been captured only by paparazzi cameras and many suggest that she is a double or even her sister and have even accused of Photoshopping or using Artificial Intelligence for the images as in the video where she reported about the diagnosis.


Prince Harry would return to London for Kate Middleton

Following the unfortunate news about Kate’s health, it has been revealed that this has made both the prince william how she reflects on her current relationship with him Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Well, let’s remember that they have been estranged since 2020 when they decided to make their own life in the United States.

According to royal experts, Tom Quinn, told The Mirror that the princes of Wales are seriously thinking about whether the former actress will join Harry in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games at St Paul’s Cathedral in London next May.

“William and Kate are really nervous that whether Harry comes alone or with Meghan, there will be difficulties and a lot of planning is going on to try to reduce all the inevitable awkwardness and embarrassment,” they said.


The Welsh would intend to reduce the “discomfort” that there could be between the four of them, which has made them nervous, so they could make an appearance between the brothers, since otherwise it could look bad with Kate’s situation.

“One plan being studied is to allow the brothers to appear in public for a short period to try to show that they can at least be courteous to each other,” they added.

“If Harry comes to the UK in May and avoids his brother and Kate, there will be more damaging speculation than if they try to patch things up enough to cope with a brief reunion,” they noted.


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