Kim Kardashian has been sued by the heirs of artist Donald Judd – El Diario NY

Kim Kardashian has been sued by the heirs of artist Donald Judd – El Diario NY


The socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has been sued by the heirs of American artist Donald Judd. They allege that the television celebrity said he had an original table by the artist, but it seems that is not the case.

In 2022, Kardashian shared a video where she tours her offices in Los AngelesCalifornia. The video helped many get to know the operations center of her brand, but it also helped her show off her decoration.

As is common with Kim, The decoration of the place is minimalist in style and among the elements he named in the video were some tables and chairs, which he claimed were original to Judd.

However, his heirs say that the tables are imitations. ‘TMZ’ accessed legal documents of the case, so it is known that the plaintiffs They say Kardashian bought the table and chair set from Clements Designwho have also been included in the lawsuit.

According to ‘The Sun’, The Clements Design team was surprised to receive the demand. They say that at the time, when Kim claimed that the furniture was the artist’s, they contacted the Judd Foundation to explain that the tables and chairs had key differences and were not a replica of the originals.

They thought that with that clarification everything had been solved, but that was not the case. “Efforts were made to resolve this matter amicably at the time and the Judd Foundation was not willing to reach an agreement on reasonable terms. These claims have no basis,” the company said.

Among the requests of Judd’s estate There is the fact that Kim deletes the video of the tourso that wrong information does not continue to spread. The video is currently not available on YouTube, so it seems Kardashian agreed and doesn’t want to make the whole case bigger.

It should be noted that Donald Clarence (1928-1994) was an important American artist associated with the minimalist movementa style that Kardashian defends and uses in her different properties.

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