Kenan and Kell actor reacts to Quiet on Set: what did he say about abuse at Nickelodeon?

Kenan and Kell actor reacts to Quiet on Set: what did he say about abuse at Nickelodeon?

The Serie Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV has brought to light some abuses suffered by actors who worked in Nickelodeon when they were minors.

Given the statements of Drake Bell where he reported that was sexually abused by Brian Peck while he was the star of Drake and Josh, or the producer’s relationship Dan Scheneider with actress Amanda Bynes, several people have reacted to what is revealed in Quiet on Set.

One of them was Kenan Thompsonthe protagonist of Kenan and Kelwho in an interview on “Tamron Hall” who ruled out having suffered any kind of abuse when he was under the production of Dan Scheideralthough he did not dismiss the experiences of his colleagues.

“It is a difficult topic. It’s hard for me because I can’t really talk about things I never witnessed. Basically, all of these things happened after I left. “Dan (Schneider) wasn’t really like that on ‘Kenan & Kel,'” he said.

Likewise, the actor who is now 45 years old said: “I really wasn’t aware of a lot of it, But my heart goes out to anyone who has been a victim.”

Kenan also applauded in said interview that Quiet on Set show the stories behind the productions and that affected several of the actors who were children or teenagers at the time.

The actor highlighted that seeing and hearing those statements was difficult for him, since he pointed out that he only has good memories of when he worked in Nickelodeon.

“It’s good that the documentary is available and shows things that need to be told, stories that need to be told for the sake of accountability. But it’s definitely hard to watch because I have good memories of that place (…) I have good memories of my co-stars. “To hear that they’ve been through terrible things like that is really difficult.”

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Finally, Kenan Thompson He invited Nickelodeon to investigate further into allegations of abuse: “It’s supposed to be a safe space. It’s supposed to be a safe place for kids.”

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