Work from EU company that pays salary of 60 dollars per hour

Work from EU company that pays salary of 60 dollars per hour

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If you are looking Work in the United States And you have predilection for some remote employmentthis offer of Further Your Adventure as ‘Milving editor’ is for you. In it, you could earn up to 60 dollars per hour; which would represent a lucrative weekly gain of $ 1,500 (almost 25,000 Mexican pesos.) Of course, to obtain this remote workfirst it is important that you review the relevant requirements:

Requirements for remote employment in the United States paying $ 1,500

As a part -time editor of Further Your Adventure, you would be responsible for creating written pieces that resonate on several digital platforms. However, you require great sensitivity to detect good audiences, and of course, much knowledge with respect to various communication channels. Therefore, before applying to this remote employment Through the SimplyHired portalreview details everything you need to meet:

  • Spanish-English bilingual domain (100% fluidity in both languages)
  • Experience proven as a content editor or some similar position, with a solid work portfolio
  • Excellent writing, edition and review skills
  • Ability to adapt the writing style and tone, as necessary
  • Strong research skills and ability to collect multiple sources
  • Experience with best SEO practices for content optimization
  • Desirable experience with content management systems (CMS) and basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Results analysis and monitoring, to make decisions regarding new content proposals
  • Passion for outdoor and adventure trips, with a genuine desire to inspire others to explore the world

Benefits of remote employment in the United States that pays $ 1,500 per week

As you have already read in the requirements, the specific functions of this remote work They are quite intuitive: you will write responding to various needs related to travel and vacation issues. For this reason, it is worth noting that, in addition, gaining $ 60 per hour, there are great additional benefits to take into account. These are very quoted benefits in the contemporary publishing market, and that this Work in the United States I do not spare to grant:

  • Time flexibility thanks to the remote work scheme
  • Medical insurance options, dental insurance and view insurance
  • Retirement savings plan
  • Free time and paid vacations
  • Professional development opportunities, as well as training and growth within the company
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