‘La Jefa’ launches a clarification about the new inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

‘La Jefa’ launches a clarification about the new inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 20

‘La Jefa’, who is in charge of dictating the rules to the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, launched a message about the new participants of the reality show: Geraldine Bazán, Patricia Corcino, Isis Serrath and Paulo Quevedo.

Many viewers are hoping that they can be nominated this Thursday. However, they made a clarification in the official account of the character who is characterized by carrying the common thread of the program.

In the message they shared this Thursday they wrote: “Inhabitants of Each day counts for 24 full hours. Ah, but next time, both they and Serrath and Paulo will not escape!”

This announcement caused hundreds of reactions on social networks. Some were upset by the measure, as they assured that the 15-day period expired this Wednesday, but production “decided” to favor them for one more week.

“Fraud, they met yesterday at 12:00 am”, “They said two weeks, cheating boss. Not 15 days and exact hours. Enough of the traps”, “Very well, there is no rush to nominate them, the furniture has to come out first,” some users wrote.

Others stated: “Patricia and Geraldine entered the night of Wednesday, March 13, yesterday, Wednesday, March 27, their two weeks of immunity expired. “They went through two nomination processes and two eliminations, stop doing whatever you want with the rules and the format.”

What happened in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?

This week, like most of this season, has been quite eventful in the reality show, since there have been important plays such as the separation of Maripily Rivera from the fourth Tierra, who is increasingly facing off against her teammates.

Initially it was thought that this would bring her problems because many on social networks called her a traitor, because she voted against Lupillo Rivera. She however was not eliminated from the game.

The resident who had to leave the program was the Mexican actor Alfredo Adame, who did not obtain enough votes from the public.

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