Laura Bozzo confesses that she lost everything but lives off her parents’ inheritance

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The Peruvian controversy, Laura Bozzo, famous for her phrase “let the wretch pass”, had a complicated 2021 after being a fugitive after being accused by the Mexican treasury of a tax fraud of more than 5 million dollars.

Miss Laura’s life turned upside down; Well, she went from being in the middle of the spotlight and being an important part of the Mexican entertainment agenda, to being a fugitive from justice; Forced into hiding to avoid arrest, since Interpol itself already had a red card for her arrest.

Although it seemed that Laura Bozzo’s career had ended, and that, in addition, she would end in misery, away from the luxuries she was used to, it was the same driver who clarified in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for “De Primera Mano” his economic status, as well as his upcoming television projects.

The Peruvian-born host exclusively announced the launch of her bioseriesIn addition to the fact that in the middle of the year he will participate in a celebrity reality show, although he did not specify which one, it is believed that it will be the relaunch of Televisa Big Brother VIP.

As for his fortune, Gustavo Adolfo Infante was direct in questioning him if it was true that he had run out of money after his problems with the Mexican treasury, in addition to the expenses for lawyers that he had to pay.

Laura Bozzo clarified that her accountants and trusted people betrayed her, which caused her financial problems that culminated in the arrest warrant to render accounts to the Mexican Treasury. . However, he revealed that he did not run out of money, as his parents inherited properties in Peru.

“What I won, I lost absolutely everything. I am not bankrupt because my parents inherited properties in Peru and now I live on what they left me “.

Laura Bozzo published “Beyond Hell”, a book in which she details revealing events about her life; his love affairs, his controversial friendships in politics and his rise to fame.

I try to throw a famous driver down the stairs

Bozzo has been characterized by his aggressive and controversial behavior that he has both with the general public and with various celebrities, and proof of this is what he tried to do to the Mexican, Rocío Sánchez Azuara.

And it is that according to the former presenter of TV Azteca, Bozo tried to throw her down the stairs due to a disagreement they had, but the Peruvian as always could not contain herself and did not stop attacking Sánchez Azuara, who, thanks to the fact that one of those present prevented her, Laura could not hurt her.

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