LCDLF 4: Clovis and Cristina fake romance and Aleska Génesis can’t stand it – El Diario NY

LCDLF 4: Clovis and Cristina fake romance and Aleska Génesis can’t stand it – El Diario NY

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Cristina Porta did not start on the right foot The House of the Famous 4at least not for those who have been fans of the fourth land since day one. However, the game has been mutating since then and now the Spaniard seems to be gaining followers and in this process she has come to have more in common with the inhabitants of the land than with those who were on her team in the first place.

Water and fire are now past for Porta and everything has been thanks to the fact that the relationship of friendship and coexistence with Aleska Génesis did not come to fruition, because Cristina did not find the game that the Venezuelan had in relation to Christian Estrada and Clovis Nienow.

More words, less words between the Spanish and the Venezuelan, currently they are not friends but rivals.

This situation has certainly not been foreign to Clovis, who as the days have passed has left Aleska in the past and has strengthened his friendship with Porta. Both, on the other hand, are nominated for the next elimination gala and in the midst of the drama and fury that all this generates, they have reached an agreement: they will fake a romance in front of the house and the public. But be careful, Nienow is not closed to the possibility that a real feeling will arise from the game, between them.

How did the plan start? Here are the videos

Part I. This whole “romance” is a plan, but Clovis wants them to completely fake a kiss, to make it more real. Cristina is not very convinced, at first.

Part II. Cristina began to change her mind when she saw how the situation angered Aleska Génesis, who couldn’t stand seeing how Clovis no longer pursued her like before. It seems that having fun at her expense is a great incentive for the Spanish woman in her plan to fake her love.

Part III. Game or not, Cristina doesn’t mind that Clovis is physically affectionate with her and the audience is enjoying her, not only with the game, but with the possibility that everything between them will become a beautiful reality.

Be that as it may, this love story created for the house, but honest for the public, is being enjoyed a lot. The fans now and not only for this, want to save Cristina Porta, since they consider that compared to the inhabitants of water and fire, she does give content to the show.

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