Little Cruz Azul fan dies sick with cancer – La Opinion

Little Cruz Azul fan dies sick with cancer – La Opinion

There are stories that sometimes you don’t want to tell.

That of José Armando, much less.

A young man based in Xalapa, Veracruz, who since he could remember, put Cruz Azul in his heart and that after learning his story a few weeks ago he hoped to regain strength from the ravages of medical treatment and be able to fulfill his great dream of living with the players of the Celeste Machine.

Unfortunately, the whims of fate took him out of existence this Tuesday After spending several weeks hospitalized at the “Dr. Miguel Dorantes Mesa”, although his family looked for Type O+ platelet donors, but his body could no longer withstand the rigorous treatment to help him get rid of the painful disease.

José Armando had leukemia detected at the age of five and after 120 chemotherapy treatments, he decided to put aside the treatment to be able to enjoy life and celebrate his birthday with his family and friends and also be able to watch a Cruz Azul game. live.

But the ravages of the disease itself They no longer allowed him to travel to Mexico City to watch a Cruz Azul game, whose members, upon knowing his story, did everything possible so that the teenager could be present in the stands of the Colonia Nochebuena stadium in the west of the city and also for him to know the facilities of La Noria.

He was even invited a few weeks ago to be able to attend the game against Chivas, But despite the desire and efforts to make the trip, the weakness and the weight of the treatment prevented him, having to watch the game on television and where the entire team dedicated the victory to him.

Another of the players who offered his dedication was Uriel Antuna. who scored a double in that game and dedicated the goals to José Armando, who as the days went by lost all his strength until this day where he ceased to exist.

Imago 1481873
The tribute to José Armando, a fan who ceased to exist this Tuesday due to cancer and who on date 10 vs. Chivas, the cement team dedicated the victory and this small present to him. Photo:Rafael Vadillo/Imago7.

It must be remembered that in the report they did before the game against Chivasshowed his joy for the cement colors and had his moments of joy and happiness when the players sent him a message and showed their shirt with the number 14 in reference to his age.

Rest in peace José Armando.

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