Total discontent over The House of Famous 4: Celebrities reject the elimination of Clovis Nienow – El Diario NY

Total discontent over The House of Famous 4: Celebrities reject the elimination of Clovis Nienow – El Diario NY


There were three minutes left before the elimination gala was over, when Nacho Lozano announced the name of Clovis Nienow as the 13th eliminated from The House of the Famous 4. Ariadna Gutiérrez heard the name of her partner and decided to leave the set, outraged with the result.

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The same attitude of the Colombian has been had not only by fans of reality and the fourth earth, but also by some celebrities who considered that Clovis Nienow could become the first male winner of this season. The reaction of absolute rejection was almost unanimous. “He was the only one who made content,” say fans and specialists. “The reality show is over for me,” several commented on social networks.

Jéssica Carrillo, Ana María Canseco, Mariana Botas, Natalia Alcocer, Rey Grupero and Nicole Chávez are some of the celebrities who reacted to Telemundo’s post confirming the elimination of the Mexican actor. For many of them, Clovis may have lost the reality show, but he earned the public’s affection, which in this type of project is the most important thing.

Inside the house, both Aleska Génesis, Cristina Porta and Lupillo Rivera himself believe that the reason why Clovis became the 13th eliminated lies in last Sunday’s positioning, where he made fun of the Spanish and Lupillo Rivera. Aleska says that the public loves the funny Clovis who made content inside the house, but that like her they could perhaps reject the villain role he played during the confrontational moments in the reality show.

Fans consider that this result only seeks to favor three people in this game and they are: Maripily Rivera, Cristina Porta and Lupillo Rivera. For many, these are the names that the production already has planned for the final of this fourth season. For now, we only need to know the names of the two remaining celebrities, among whom are believed to be: Alana Lliteras and Rodrigo Romeh.

It is worth adding that this Wednesday, according to Nacho Lozano, a guest will enter the house and it is believed that he will enter with the $200,000 dollar briefcase, because we are already weeks away from the grand finale.

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