Luis Miguel shares a new PHOTO on social networks and causes a sensation

Luis Miguel shares a new PHOTO on social networks and causes a sensation


¡Luis Miguel surprised his fans again! The singer of “La Unconditional” shared a photo in their social networks and he drove everyone crazy with the image in which he looks more handsome than ever at 53 years old and in which he shows that he is at his best. Quickly, this photo became one of the most commented, shared and the one that everyone started talking about. You have to see it!

Since Luis Miguel returned to the stage has caused a sensation on social networks: his 2023 tour became one of the most important of that year as it marked his return to the spotlight after a long absence of years. But since he returned to singing and giving concerts it is as if he were a new person, he seems happy, calm, kind to the fans and to the media that accompany him everywhere.

Some claim that the new attitude of the “La Bikina” singer has a lot to do with his current partner, the designer Paloma Cuevas, who has taken him along “the path of good”, with a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle, something which has undoubtedly caused a great impact on El Sol’s personality. For example, there is the photo that the music star shared in his social networksin which he is very smiling, handsome and young.

Photo: AP

The photo was shared on X, social network previously called Twitter, and that was where the fans went crazy when they saw it, because Luis Miguel He made it clear that he is going through one of the best stages of his life and that he wants to share it with everyone. The image has already reached more than 20 thousand likes and has hundreds of comments, all praising the considered “Sol de México.”

Luis Miguel surprises with a new PHOTO in which he looks more HANDSOME than ever

In your X account, Luis Miguel shared a photo his, in black and white, which caused a sensation in social networks and the reason has to do with the fact that he looks more handsome than ever. Without writing a message and just publishing the image, the Sun of Mexico drove his followers crazy, who quickly commented on the photo and filled him with compliments, because they think he looks incredible.

Photo: X Luis Miguel

“What a beautiful look, I love you Micky!!! I hope you are eternal, like your music”, “How dare you, to look at me like that. To be so beautiful, and smile on top of that”, “The most handsome in the world”, ” So much internal and external beauty”, “you always shine luismii”, “What a spectacular man my Luis Miguel” and “Always handsome! You are a charm! You are my dream! Blessings”, were some of the reactions to the publication.

There were also comments about whether the photo that Luis Miguel shared in his social networks It was current, since they consider that it is an image of their youth. However, most believe that it is from this 2024, since the singer returned to the concerts renewed, with a new appearance, which at first worried many because they claimed that he looked very different, it was even thought that it was a double.

Photo: AP

What does Luis Miguel do to look young?

According to national and international media, the secret of Luis Miguel To look young consists of several things: first, they ensure that you underwent hair regeneration without surgery and facial rejuvenation; On the other hand, in “Ventaneando” they assured that teeth whitening is frequently performed. Although there is also talk of applying Botox on the forehead, between the eyebrows and in the eyes, jaw repositioning and liposuction on the double chin.

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