Does traveling to other countries facilitate the approval of the American VISA?

Does traveling to other countries facilitate the approval of the American VISA?

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Is it true that if you have traveled to other countries you are more easily approved for the American visa? Some people on social networks say yes, others are not so convinced, but what does the Embassy of USA in Mexico on the subject? We tell you if this is true or a lie; Find out if having visited other nations gives you extra points when doing the Procedure with the authorities of the American Union.

One of the formalities most requested in the Embassy of USA in Mexico it is that of lto american visathe document that every traveler needs if they want to enter the American Union whether for tourism, study, business or other reasons. Being a document in high demand, the US authorities have a series of very specific requirements that applicants must meet if they want to be granted said document.

One of the most important points in said Procedure is that the applicant has to demonstrate strong ties with their country of origin, so as to prove that they have no intention of staying and living in USA. All kinds of advice circulates on social networks to obtain the American visa and one of them has precisely to do with the fact that if you travel to other countries it facilitates the approval of the procedure.

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Is this true or is it a lie? Was the embassy of USA in Mexico that answered this question that hundreds of travelers have who are making the Procedure. If you want to find out if your travel history adds points when it comes to getting your document approved, keep reading so you can discover it and use it to your advantage, if it is real. Don’t miss this important detail!

US Embassy in Mexico reveals if traveling to other countries helps in the approval of the American VISA

According to the Embassy of USA In Mexico, traveling to other countries does not facilitate visa approval; She denied it in one of the videos that he shared on his social networks: “having traveled outside of Mexico is not a requirement to obtain the American visa“, he noted. According to what the American authorities said, your travel history does not give you points in favor when making the Procedure.

However, on the Internet you can find videos of people who worked at the Embassy of USA or that they were consuls in an interview of the American visa and they assure that trips to other countries can have a positive impact on the Procedurebut it is not a determining factor on its own. For example, the approval of a tourist visa (B-2) depends on several factors and each case is evaluated individually.

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Traveling to other countries can demonstrate that the applicant has international travel experience and complies with the entry and exit regulations of other nations. This is viewed favorably by the consular officer when evaluating the application for American visa. Additionally, having an international travel history indicates that the applicant has the financial ability to travel and return to their home country, which is an important factor in the decision to grant a tourist visa.

However, traveling to other countries does not guarantee the approval of a American visa since the consular officer will also consider other factors, such as the purpose of the trip, family and work ties in the country of origin, financial situation and intention to return to your country after the visit to USA. It is important to submit a complete and honest application in the Procedurein addition to providing all the required documentation to increase the chances of obtaining the desired visa.

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