Lumine from Genshin Impact makes Zelda fans fall in love with her new outfit

Lumine from Genshin Impact makes Zelda fans fall in love with her new outfit

Lumine dazzles in Genshin Impact thanks to a mod that dresses her just like the princess Zelda of TLOF: BOTWthis mod shows us how the community and fans of this incredible open world game and also the fans of Nintendo They can create collaborations, although they are not official, in a simple way that many of us like to have when we play different titles.

Lumine from Genshin Impact dresses like Princess Zelda thanks to this MOD

Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit

The user blink072 shared on the page gamebanana this amazing mod for Luminewell now the main protagonist of the game Genshin Impact You will be able to explore all the maps of this game with a totally different look than the one you already know. Years ago the comparison was made a lot with Zelda Breath of the Wildand yet, we never really imagined that the princess’s look Zelda it would suit so well Luminebecause the clothing they have been given brings a lot of nostalgia to the 2017 players who were able to have the starting game.

This mod for Lumine It does not include a buff to her body attributes or attacks, so it is one hundred percent focused solely on changing the girl’s classic outfit and now putting her in royal clothing. Now that the girl has become acquainted with Princess Zelda and her faithful bodyguard Linkit would be very nice to be able to observe a battle between both worlds, collaborating side by side, with Link and Lumine protecting your loved ones.

Without a doubt, many of the active players and those who have left the game will surely want to try this mod for nostalgia and to see Lumine Go through all the maps with that feeling that Zelda players have experienced. You will be able to leave the concept of Gacha behind for a few seconds in Genshin Impact and remember for a moment what they felt when playing the game for the first time. Breath of the Wildit will be a quite nostalgic experience for some and for others it will be the reason to collect these MODS.

Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit Genshin-Impact-Lumine-OutfitGenshin-Impact-Lumine-Outfit

So far, the author of this mod He hasn’t said anything about the other outfits. Breath of the Wild to the game characters. Well, we know very well which characters would fit the iconic clothing of the champions, as well as the clothing of LinkIn the meantime, we can enjoy Lumine with the princess’s clothes Zelda.

Although her outfit changed, we can also see that the appearance of the protagonist girl also takes, to a certain extent, a colorful tone equal to that of the game. Nintendo. But, that tone does not have the same design line, since it can be seen that Lumine of Genshin Impact looks a little more “defined” and not with a tone “watercolor” like in the original game.


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