Madonna fan in a wheelchair gives his version after the singer asked him to stand up – El Diario NY

Madonna fan in a wheelchair gives his version after the singer asked him to stand up – El Diario NY


Singer Madonna He was in the eye of the hurricane in recent days for a series of comments he made to a fan during a concert in Canada, which generated outrage among his admirers.

On February 21, Madonna presented a show at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, in the middle of the Celebration Tour, “The Queen of Pop” stopped the concert for a moment to address one of the attendees, but it ended up becoming an uncomfortable moment for the interpreter.

Vanessa Gorman She was in the first rows of the recital, very close to the American singer, when her favorite artist addressed her. “What are you doing sitting there? “Why are you sitting?”Madonna insisted, seeing that the young woman was not accompanying the rest of the fans who stood up in the middle of her songs.

Instantly, he realized that the fan was in a wheelchair and apologized in front of everyone.

“Oh, it’s fine. Politically incorrect. I’m sorry”he pointed out. And he added: “I’m glad you’re here.” A comment that was criticized on social networks, where they highlighted that, regardless of Vanessa’s condition, many people need to remain seated.

Given the wave of criticism that the moment generated, Vanessa spoke with TMZ and told what the situation was like for her.

Meanwhile, Gorman stressed that he did not mind being the center of attention at the time when Madonna consulted him about her situation and assured that he was not bothered by the artist’s comment. What’s more, he claimed her admiration for the “Lucky Star” singer and pointed out that it was without evil.

The fan said that it was a mistake that Madonna made when she did not realize that she was in a wheelchair, as a result of a traffic accident she suffered in 1999. “Some people are in a wheelchair and, even so, “They can stay standing,” he highlighted. And she continued: “She had no idea I had paralysis.”.

Meanwhile, Vanessa thanked Madonna for immediately apologizing for her comments and was able to enjoy the rest of the show until its end, with great emotion due to the admiration she has always felt for the artist.

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