Maite Delgado manages to put on the dress she wore 21 years ago

Maite Delgado manages to put on the dress she wore 21 years ago


Maite Delgado achieved her goal and does not hide her emotion for it. The Venezuelan presenter shared on her social networks the moment when she, after reaching her ideal weight, managed to 鈥渆nter鈥 a Hugo Espina dress that she wore 21 years ago.

鈥淚 ENTERED THE DRESSOOOOOO,鈥 she wrote, all in capital letters, on her Instagram profile, also a former beauty queen. 鈥淎lthough it seems silly, I share this video because it is a sample of the power of desire and it applies to everything 馃殌,鈥 added the cheerleader, who will be in charge of the 70-year gala of Miss Venezuela.

Next, Maite why wearing that suit makes her so emotional. 芦Although I was very comfortable and felt good with a few extra pounds, it is true that I looked chubby and I was not the ideal weight for the camera 鈥 It was not that I was sitting waiting for them to call me to return to the Polihedron, hahahaha; The fact is that a few months ago I did not fit into this dress that I wore 21 years ago for Miss Venezuela 2001鈥 The call came and that commitment that we made began #yoentroenel vestido, 鈥渟he said.

鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 sure I could pull it off鈥 But immediately all of you guys were active in giving me support and it was impossible to look bad on them 馃槀,鈥 she later noted.

Discipline above all

The 56-year-old television host from Anzoatiguense, her achievement is a sign that anyone who focuses can achieve their goals. 芦With a lot of discipline, focus and teamwork IT WAS ACHIEVED, VENEZUELA 馃槀. I know that the matter sounds somewhat frivolous, but it had to be achieved and I love sharing it because if I could鈥 whoever wants to achieve it can also 禄, she pointed out.

Aware that this type of thing can cause misunderstandings, especially among the youngest, Maite Delgado made it clear that to get the weight she wanted, she never put her health at risk. 芦The first thing I want to tell you is that there is no miracle, the miracle is you. At no time did I stop eating, nor did I harm my body 禄, she clarified.

The one born in Valle de Guanape took advantage of the occasion to share her method. 鈥淢ore than a diet, it is a cleansing of the body of everything that inflames and intoxicates it鈥, she said and she listed: 鈥淚 fast 16 hours; small portions with more protein and vegetables than carbohydrates; double day of exercises a day (instead of 1 hour a day, I train 2); I take supplements and vitamins; Eliminate bread and everything that has gluten; refined sugar and also sweetener; cow dairy; alcohol; fried foods; cornmeal and soft drinks or soda鈥.

To that, he said, he added the help of nutritional advice, reductive massages and wood therapy to mold, among other things.

As will be remembered, the Miss Venezuela 2022 gala, which marks the return of the contest to the La Rinconada arena, will take place on November 16. As always, it will be seen through the Venevisi贸n screen.


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