Marc Anthony while hugging Nadia Ferreira: “May God multiply everything you wish us

Marc Anthony now boasts of his relationship with Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay 2021

Marc Anthony now boasts of his relationship with Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay 2021

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鈥淢ay God multiply everything you wish us,鈥 wrote the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony when posting a photo on his Instagram account in which he is accompanied by Nadia Ferreria, Miss Paraguay 2021. She rests on the artist鈥檚 legs while he surrounds her with his arms, in what appears to be a very comfortable seat.

The singer and the model have already been seen while enjoying their romance, this being the second photograph in which they appear together published by Jennifer Lopez鈥檚 ex-husband. The first image in which they were seen sharing together also highlights Eva Longoria and her husband and boxer Oscar de la Hoya with his girlfriend Holly Sanders.

鈥淟ike always,鈥 Ferreira replied in the comments and has garnered over 7,600 likes, while the post has over 5,4800 likes.

Many of the artist鈥檚 followers have reacted to this romance in the comments of this photograph: 鈥1 million good things MARC鈥, 鈥渢hey deserve everything good鈥, 鈥淚鈥檓 jealous but since she is I stay calm鈥, 鈥淚t was finally confirmed, love鈥 and 鈥淭his one marries this woman for sure !!鈥.

However, many others have made reference to the age difference between the couple: Marc Anthony is 53 years old, while Ferreira is 22 years old.

they are like barbie鈥nd ken鈥檚 grandfather鈥, 鈥淗ow beautiful your daughter @marcanthony鈥, 鈥淭here is no purer love than that of grandparents鈥, 鈥淗ow cute, that grandparents are eternal鈥, 鈥淟ook what a beautiful couple they make , they are like Barbie and Ken鈥檚 grandfather鈥 and 鈥淭he multiplication that I see is that of the years, 50 and 20鈥 can be read among the hundreds of comments.

The first time Ferreira was seen with Marc Anthony was when they were captured on video enjoying a Greek tradition of throwing glass plates on the floor to break them at a restaurant. The audiovisual shows the moment in which the Puerto Rican kisses the Paraguayan.

Nadia Ferreira won world recognition after being a finalist in the 2021 edition of Miss Universe, in which the Indian Harnaaz Sandhu took the universal crown. What鈥檚 more, She was also involved in an alleged controversy with Adamari L贸pez, Well, on social networks they assured that the Puerto Rican presenter, who was a jury of the beauty pageant, discriminated against the Paraguayan. However, Ferreira later clarified the whole situation.

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